A Sweet Taste of History: Wine From Concord Grapes

Concord grapes, known for their distinctive sweet flavor, are not only a popular variety of American grapes but also hold significant historical value in Missouri. These grapes, scientifically known as Vitis Labrusca, are native to the eastern United States and have become widely planted and cherished for their use in making sweet , as well as other products such as jellies, jams, and tarts.

The popularity of Concord grapes can be attributed to their unique taste and versatility. This variety of grapes has gained recognition for its role in producing wines, particularly kosher . As kosher populations grew on the East Coast, winemakers utilized the grapes readily available to them, leading to the development of the Concord wine style that still persists today.

One of the notable characteristics of Concord wine is its composition, which consists entirely of Concord grapes. This results in a that bears a striking resemblance to the red grape many of us enjoyed during our childhood. However, this adult version of the beloved grape juice packs a punch with its 12% content, though it remains surprisingly smooth and balanced. The alcohol content is expertly masked by the rich and fruity burst of flavor that defines Concord wine.

When savoring a glass of Concord wine, one can expect a delightful and indulgent experience. The wine showcases the fullness and ripeness of the grapes, offering a sweet and luscious expression of their natural fruitiness. The taste is characterized by its richness and depth, making it a favorite among those who prefer sweeter wines.

It is worth noting that while Concord grapes are primarily associated with wine production, they also contribute to the creation of various other delectable products. The sweet and robust flavor of these grapes lends itself well to the making of jellies, jams, and tarts, providing a burst of fruity goodness in every bite.

Concord grapes are not only the most commonly planted native American grapes, but they also hold a special place in Missouri's history. Their ability to produce sweet red wine, as well as a range of other delectable products, has made them beloved by many. Whether enjoyed in a glass of Concord wine or in other culinary delights, the unique flavor profile of these grapes continues to captivate palates and contribute to the rich tapestry of American wine heritage.

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What Kind Of Wine Is Made With Concord Grapes?

Concord grapes are primarily used to make sweet red wine. This variety of American grapes is known for its rich, fruity flavor and deep purple color. Here are some key points about the wine made with Concord grapes:

1. Sweetness: Concord grapes have a naturally high sugar content, which translates into a sweet wine. This makes it a popular choice for those who enjoy a sweeter taste profile.

2. Flavor profile: The wine made from Concord grapes is known for its distinct fruity flavor. It often has notes of grape jelly, blackberry, and plum, with a hint of tartness.

3. Color: Concord grapes have a deep purple color, which is reflected in the wine made from them. The resulting wine is typically a vibrant shade of red, ranging from a medium ruby to a dark purple.

4. Aromatic qualities: Concord grape wine is also known for its aromatic qualities. It has a strong, fragrant bouquet that can fill a room with its sweet and fruity aroma.

5. Food pairing: Due to its sweetness and fruity flavors, Concord grape wine pairs well with desserts, especially those made with dark chocolate or berries. It can also be enjoyed on its own as a dessert wine.

Concord grape wine offers a unique and enjoyable taste experience with its sweet, fruity flavors and deep red color. It has become a popular choice for those who appreciate a sweeter style of wine.

Are Concord Grapes Good For Making Wine?

Concord grapes are good for making wine. Here are some reasons why:

1. Flavor: Concord grapes have a unique flavor that is both sweet and tart, making them ideal for wine production. The grapes have a distinct “grapey” taste that is often associated with traditional grape flavor.

2. Aromatic properties: Concord grapes have a strong and fragrant aroma, which adds depth and complexity to the wine. The intense aroma of the grapes can be captured during the fermentation process, resulting in a flavorful and aromatic wine.

3. Balance of acidity and sweetness: Concord grapes have a good balance of acidity and sweetness, which is essential for making well-balanced wines. The natural acidity of the grapes helps to maintain freshness and prevent the wine from becoming too sweet.

4. Tannins: Tannins are natural compounds found in grape skins, seeds, and stems that contribute to the structure and aging potential of wines. While Concord grapes are not known for their high tannin content, they still contain enough tannins to give the wine a pleasant mouthfeel and slight astringency.

5. Versatility: Concord grapes are versatile and can be used to produce a range of wine styles, from dry to sweet. They are often used in the production of dessert wines, as their natural sweetness lends itself well to this style.

6. Cost-effective: Concord grapes are relatively inexpensive and widely available, making them a popular choice for winemakers on a budget. This accessibility allows for a greater variety of wines to be produced at various price points.

Concord grapes are a great option for making wine due to their unique flavor, aromatic properties, balanced acidity and sweetness, and versatility in wine styles. Whether you prefer a dry or sweet wine, Concord grapes can be used to create a flavorful and enjoyable wine experience.


Wine made from Concord grapes offers a delightful and unique experience for wine enthusiasts. As the most popularly planted native American grape, Concord grapes have played a significant role in Missouri's history and continue to be cherished in the wine industry.

Known for their sweet and fruity flavors, Concord grapes are used not only for winemaking but also for producing jellies, jams, and tarts. The distinct Vitis Labrusca variety, native to the eastern United States, has become synonymous with kosher wine, especially on the East Coast where the grape's availability led to its prominence.

Tasting a glass of Concord wine is akin to indulging in a burst of rich and ripe fruit flavors. Despite its 12% alcohol content, the wine's smoothness and sweetness mask any hints of alcoholic intensity, making it a highly enjoyable choice for those who prefer a sweeter taste profile.

Whether sipped on its own or paired with a variety of dishes, wine made from Concord grapes offers a unique expression of full and ripe fruit flavors. Its popularity and versatility make it a beloved choice for wine enthusiasts seeking a sweet and smooth experience.

The wine made from Concord grapes is a delightful and flavorful option that showcases the best of American winemaking. Its rich history, popularity, and unique taste profile make it a must-try for anyone looking to explore the world of sweet red wines.

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