A Taste of Nostalgia: Red Truck Beer

In a world filled with complex and experimental craft beers, sometimes it's refreshing to go back to the basics. That's exactly what Red Truck offers with their classic . This traditional European-style lager is a nod to simpler times, where quality ingredients and timeless techniques were the foundation of great beer.

At Red Truck Beer, they take pride in using all malts and Saaz to create their Classic Lager. Saaz hops are a classic “noble” aroma hop with longstanding traditions, just like the style itself. These hops impart a delicate and floral aroma that perfectly complements the clean and crisp nature of the lager.

One of the defining characteristics of Red Truck's Classic Lager is its easy-drinking nature. With a full-bodied profile, it doesn't overpower your palate or compete with the flavors of your meal. Instead, it serves as a refreshing and thirst-quenching companion, allowing you to fully enjoy your food without distraction.

But don't mistake simplicity for lack of flavor. Red Truck's Classic Lager is a beer that stands on its own, with its smooth and balanced taste. The Canadian malts used in the process provide a hint of sweetness, while the Saaz hops add a subtle bitterness that creates a well-rounded flavor profile. It's a beer that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of dishes.

Beyond the beer itself, Red Truck Beer as a brand embodies the nostalgic spirit of a bygone era. From the award-winning brewery to the iconic tower and the classic Truck Stop diner, Red Truck Beer transports you to a simpler time. The 1950s-influenced vision of owner Mark James shines through in every aspect, creating an experience that goes beyond the beer in your glass.

Red Truck Beer is not just about the beer, it's about the journey. From the hills of South Devon, South West England, this family-run brewery has been crafting their range of award-winning and quality real ales and beers since 2006. They take pride in using the finest natural ingredients and their very own pure spring water to create their exceptional brews.

So, whether you're a connoisseur or simply someone looking for a taste of nostalgia, Red Truck Beer's Classic Lager is a must-try. With its classic European-style and easy-drinking nature, it offers a timeless drinking experience that will transport you to a simpler time. So grab a can, sit back, and let the red truck take you on a journey of flavor and nostalgia.

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What Kind Of Beer Is Red Truck?

Red Truck is a traditional European-style lager. It is a type of beer that is commonly found in Europe and is known for its clean and crisp taste. This particular lager is made using Canadian malts and Saaz hops. Saaz hops are a classic “noble” aroma hop that has a long-standing tradition in brewing. The use of Canadian malts and Saaz hops gives Red Truck Lager a unique flavor profile.

Red Truck Lager is designed to be an easy-drinking beer that is full-bodied. It is not meant to overpower the flavors of any food you may be eating. The beer is intended to complement your meal rather than compete with it. It provides a refreshing and satisfying experience for beer lovers.

Red Truck Lager is a classic and well-crafted beer that follows the traditional European-style lager recipe. Its use of Canadian malts and Saaz hops sets it apart and gives it a distinct flavor. It is a go-to choice for those looking for a clean and crisp beer that is enjoyable to drink.

Who Owns Red Truck Brewing?

Red Truck Brewing is owned by Mark James. Mark James is the founder and owner of Red Truck Beer. He is known for his vision of creating a brewery that embodies the spirit of a simpler time, with a 1950s influence. Mark James is also the owner of other iconic establishments associated with Red Truck Beer, such as the iconic water tower and the classic Truck Stop diner. He has received recognition for his contributions to the brewing industry, and Red Truck Beer has become an award-winning brewery under his ownership.

How Many Calories Are In A Red Truck Lager?

According to Red Truck Beer's Twitter response, a 12 oz (355ml) serving of their Classic Lager contains approximately 144 calories. Additionally, it contains 13g of carbohydrates, 0g of fat, and 1g of protein.


Red Truck Beer is a traditional European-style lager that embodies the vision of owner Mark James, who seeks to capture the essence of a simpler time. This award-winning brewery, located in Canada, takes pride in using all Canadian malts and Saaz hops, a classic “noble” aroma hop, to create a clean and crisp lager.

Red Truck Beer's Classic Lager is designed to be an easy-drinking, full-bodied beer that complements any meal without overpowering the flavors. With 144 calories, 13g of carbs, 0g of fat, and 1g of protein per 12 oz (355ml) serving, it offers a satisfying and balanced drinking experience.

The brand's commitment to quality is evident in their attention to detail, from the iconic water tower to the classic Truck Stop diner. This attention extends to their brewing process, which ensures that every batch of Red Truck Beer meets the highest standards of taste and consistency.

Red Truck Beer is not only a symbol of quality and craftsmanship, but also a reflection of the owner's 1950s-inspired vision. It embodies a sense of nostalgia and simplicity, inviting beer enthusiasts to enjoy a taste of the past while appreciating the present.

Red Truck Beer offers a delightful and authentic experience, allowing beer lovers to savor the flavors of a traditional European-style lager while supporting a family-run business that takes pride in their craft. Whether you're enjoying a pint at their brewery or sipping on a can in the comfort of your own home, Red Truck Beer is a testament to the enduring appeal of a well-crafted and satisfying beer.

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