What kind of beer is rogue dead guy?

Answered by Roy Gibson

Rogue Dead Guy is a unique and flavorful that falls into the category of a German Maibock. Maibocks, also known as Helles Bocks, are traditionally brewed in Germany during the month of May to celebrate the arrival of spring. These beers are known for their deep golden to amber color and their malty sweetness.

One of the key ingredients in Dead Guy is the use of 2-Row, C15, and Munich malts. These malts contribute to the beer's rich and hearty flavor profile. The 2-Row provides a solid base for the beer, while the C15 and Munich malts add complexity and depth. The combination of these malts gives Dead Guy its distinct honey-like color and malty aroma.

To balance out the maltiness, Rogue uses Perle and Sterling in this beer. Hops are responsible for adding bitterness, aroma, and flavor to the beer. Perle hops are known for their clean bitterness, while Sterling hops contribute a delicate and spicy aroma. The use of these hops helps to counterbalance the sweetness from the malts and adds a subtle hoppy character to Dead Guy.

Another important component of Dead Guy is the use of Rogue's proprietary Pacman . Yeast plays a crucial role in the fermentation process, converting sugars into and producing various flavors and aromas. Pacman yeast, specifically selected by Rogue, contributes to the unique flavor profile of Dead Guy. It is known for its ability to ferment at both and temperatures, resulting in a clean and well-rounded beer.

The used in also plays a significant role in the flavor of the beer. Rogue uses free-range coastal water, which adds a distinct character to Dead Guy. Water composition can vary depending on the source, and using local water can give a beer a sense of terroir, much like grapes do for .

Dead Guy can be described as a full-bodied and flavorful beer with a balance of maltiness, hop bitterness, and subtle yeast characteristics. Its deep honey color, malty aroma, and rich flavor make it a standout example of a Maibock-style beer. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with hearty dishes, Dead Guy is a beer that can be savored and appreciated by beer enthusiasts.