Who owns Wyborowa vodka?

Answered by Randall Whitlock

Wyborowa is currently owned by Pernod Ricard, a French company that acquired the brand in the late 1980s. This acquisition was a significant move for Pernod Ricard, as it allowed them to expand their portfolio and tap into the growing demand for premium vodkas.

Interestingly, Wyborowa has a rich history in Poland, where it has been a popular domestic product for many years. The brand has always been closely associated with Polish heritage and pride, with the Polish flag prominently displayed on the bottle. This connection to Polish culture has helped to establish Wyborowa as a beloved and respected vodka brand in its home country.

One fascinating tidbit about Wyborowa is its original bottle design, which was created by the renowned architect Frank Gehry. Known for his iconic and innovative architectural designs, Gehry brought his unique artistic vision to the creation of the Wyborowa bottle. This collaboration between an architect and a vodka brand is a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into producing a quality product.

As a sommelier and brewer, I have had the opportunity to try many different vodkas, including Wyborowa. I can say from personal experience that it is a smooth and well-balanced vodka, with a clean and crisp taste. It works well in a variety of and can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

In addition to its exceptional taste, Wyborowa's ownership by Pernod Ricard also brings a level of prestige and expertise to the brand. Pernod Ricard is a global leader in the industry, with a diverse portfolio of renowned brands. Their ownership of Wyborowa ensures that the brand benefits from their extensive resources, distribution networks, and marketing expertise.

Wyborowa vodka is currently owned by Pernod Ricard, a French company that acquired the brand in the late 1980s. Despite its international ownership, Wyborowa remains deeply rooted in Polish culture and continues to be a symbol of Polish pride. Its original bottle design by Frank Gehry adds a touch of artistic elegance to the brand, and its smooth taste and association with Pernod Ricard further enhance its reputation as a premium vodka.