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The Crystal Palace Expands Cocktail Menu as Rules Continue to Loosen at Magic Kingdom. The famous restaurant, The Crystal Palace, has recently expanded its cocktail menu to include a wider variety of alcoholic beverages. This comes as the Magic Kingdom continues to loosen its restrictions on hard liquor, a move that has been met with both excitement and criticism.

For years, the Magic Kingdom was knon for being a dry park, following the wishes of Walt Disney himself. However, in recent years, the park has slowly begun to introduce alcohol into its establishments, much to the delight of many visitors. The Crystal Palace, which is located in the heart of the park, is one of the latest establishments to expand its cocktail offerings.

One of the key additions to The Crystal Palace's menu is the inclusion of Crystal Palace . This high-quality vodka is made to satisfy discriminating tastes, and is a key ingredient in many popular vodka drinks. Produced in the United States by Barton Brands, Ltd., Crystal Palace Vodka is made from 100% grain neutral and has an 80 proof rating. While it may be considered a bottom-shelf vodka, it still offers a smooth and satisfying taste that is sure to please the palate.

Visitors to The Crystal Palace can now enjoy a wide variety of , including classic favorites like the Martini, , and Moscow Mule, as well as specialty drinks like the Crystal Palace Lemonade and the Tiki Torch. Of course, the restaurant still offers a wide selection of beverages for those who prefer to abstain.

While some visitors may be disappointed by the loosening of alcohol restrictions at the Magic Kingdom, others see it as a welcome change. The Crystal Palace's expanded cocktail menu is just one example of how the park is evolving to meet the changing tastes and preferences of its visitors.

The inclusion of Crystal Palace Vodka and other alcoholic beverages at The Crystal Palace is a positive development for those who enjoy a good cocktail. While it may not be for everyone, it's clear that the Magic Kingdom is moving with the times and adapting to the desires of its guests. Whether you're a fan of vodka or prefer to stick to non-alcoholic options, The Crystal Palace has something for everyone.

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Does The Crystal Palace Serve Alcohol?

The Crystal Palace does serve alcohol. As the hard liquor restrictions around the Magic Kingdom are being loosened, the restaurant has expanded its cocktail menu. Guests can now enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages alongside their meals at the Crystal Palace. It is worth noting that the Magic Kingdom used to be famously dry, but this has been changing in recent years.

Who Is the Manufacturer of Crystal Palace Vodka?

Crystal Palace Vodka is made by Barton Brands, Ltd. which is a spirits company based in the United States, specifically in the state of Kentucky. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality spirits that cater to the discerning tastes of consumers. Crystal Palace Vodka is a premium heritage vodka that is a key ingredient in many popular vodka drinks. It is classified as a varietal spirit and is a favorite among vodka enthusiasts.

Is Crystal Palace Vodka Originating From Russia?

Crystal Palace vodka is not from Russia. It is actually produced in the United States. This vodka is made from 100% grain neutral spirits, which means that it is distilled from a combination of grains like corn, wheat, and barley. While it may not be a premium vodka, it is an affordable option that can be found on the bottom shelf of many liquor stores. So, to answer your question, Crystal Palace vodka is not from Russia, but rather made in the USA.


Crystal Palace Vodka is a bottom shelf vodka that is produced in the United States from 100% grain neutral spirits. Despite being considered a lower quality vodka, it has been added to the cocktail menu at The Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. The expansion of the cocktail menu at this once infamously dry park is a sign of the loosening of hard liquor restrictions. While Crystal Palace Vodka may not satisfy the most discerning tastes, it remains a key ingredient in many popular vodka drinks and is readily available at liquor stores such as Buehler's.

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