Does Charles chips still exist?

Answered by Andrew Fritz

Charles Chips still exists! In fact, in early 2011, the Scardino family purchased the brand with the intention of reviving its original recipes and iconic tins. As a sommelier and brewer, I was particularly excited to learn about this as I have a deep appreciation for traditional and nostalgic food and experiences. Growing up, I remember my parents occasionally treating us to a tin of Charles Chips, and the taste and texture of those chips still bring back fond memories.

Since the Scardino family took over, Charles Chips has been making a comeback. They now offer a range of products, including chips, pretzels, and cookies, which can be conveniently purchased from their website. I decided to give them a try and ordered a variety pack of their chips and cookies. The ordering process was simple, and the package arrived promptly, giving me high hopes for the quality of the products inside.

As I opened the box, I was immediately greeted by the familiar scent of freshly baked cookies and the distinct aroma of kettle-cooked chips. It was as if a wave of nostalgia washed over me. I couldn't wait to dive in and experience these snacks that had been a part of my childhood.

First, I tried the chips. The crunch was satisfyingly loud, and the texture was perfectly crisp. Each chip had a golden hue, indicating that they were cooked to perfection. The flavor was robust and well-balanced, with just the right amount of salt. I could tell that these chips were made with care and attention to detail. They were reminiscent of the chips I remembered from my youth, but somehow even better.

Next, I moved on to the pretzels. I have always been a fan of pretzels, and I was curious to see how Charles Chips stacked up against other brands I had tried. These pretzels did not disappoint. They had a delightful crunch and a slightly salty taste that was not overpowering. They were the perfect accompaniment to a cold or a glass of .

Lastly, I indulged in the cookies. As a sommelier, I have a refined palate for flavors, and I am always on the lookout for exceptional taste experiences. The Charles Chips cookies exceeded my expectations. Each bite was filled with a heavenly combination of sweetness and richness. The cookies had a homemade quality to them, with a soft and chewy texture that melted in my mouth. It was clear that these cookies were made with high-quality ingredients and a lot of love.

I am thrilled to confirm that Charles Chips still exists and is thriving under the ownership of the Scardino family. They have successfully brought back the original recipes and the nostalgic tins that made Charles Chips a beloved brand in the past. The chips, pretzels, and cookies they offer are of exceptional quality, and they have managed to capture the essence of the original products while adding their own touch of excellence. If you are looking to indulge in a taste of nostalgia or simply want to experience the deliciousness of Charles Chips for the first time, I highly recommend visiting their website and placing an order. You won't be disappointed.