Indulge in a Sweet Treat: Manischewitz Cream Peach Wine

Manischewitz Cream Peach is a sweet, fruity dessert wine that is sure to be a hit at any gathering. This delightful is made from peaches, wine , , and sugar, and has been a favorite of kosher wine lovers for years.

The taste of Manischewitz Cream Peach Wine is light and sweet, with a pleasant balance of peach flavor and sweetness. It's perfect for sipping after dinner or enjoying as an afternoon refreshment. The appearance of the wine is visually clear with no residues or cloudiness within the liquid.

When it comes to serving Manischewitz Cream Peach Wine, the possibilities are endless! Serve as an aperitif in fluted befoe dinner or enjoy chilled with dessert. Try mixing it into like a peach sangria or serve over ice cream for an extra special treat. You can also pair it with cheeses like brie or cheddar for a delicious cheese plate.

Manischewitz Cream Peach Wine is part of the Manischewitz family's extensive product line that includes many varieties and sizes of Kosher wines. As America's #1 Kosher wine brand, Manischewitz remains committed to providing quality wines that honor tradition and make every occasion special. So why wait? Pick up some Manischewitz Cream Peach Wine today and start making memories!

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Is Manischewitz a Type of Wine?

Yes, Manischewitz is a wine. It is the top-selling kosher wine brand in America, and has been producing quality kosher wines since the late 1800s. Manischewitz offers a wide range of products including red and white wines, dessert wines, sparkling wines, and versions. All of their products are certified Kosher by rabbinical authorities, ensuring that all ingredients meet strict standards of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws). Manischewitz's commitment to quality and tradition makes it a favorite among kosher wine lovers.

Alcohol Content in Peach Wine

Peach wine typically contains between 9-14% by volume (ABV). This range is slightly higher than the average wine, which typically contains between 8-14% ABV. The exact level of ABV for a particular bottle of peach wine will depend on the specific producer and the characteristics of the grapes used in production.


Manischewitz Cream Peach Wine is a delightful addition to any gathering or celebration. Its light and sweet flavor, combined with its clear and bright appearance, make it a great choice for those looking for a fruity dessert wine. With its commitment to quality products that honor traditional Kosher wine-making practices, Manischewitz's Cream Peach Wine is sure to be a hit at any occasion. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or just enjoying an evening with friends, you can count on Manischewitz Cream Peach Wine to provide a delicious and enjoyable experience.

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