The Secrets of Two Trees Distilling

Welcome to Two Trees Distilling, the Appalachian Mountain country's premier distillery and home to some of the most innovative technology in the world. Founded by Tim Smith, Two Trees is dedicated to crafting high-quality using traditional methods and techniques.

At Two Trees, we're proud of our proprietary process that allows us to mimic and accelerate the natural aging process that occurs when is aged in wooden over time. This process takes years for other distilleries, but at Two Trees we are able to accomplish it in a single working day.

We offer an impressive portfolio of brands, including Tim Smith Spirits- Climax™ Spirits and Southern Reserve™, Two Trees™ , Two Trees™ , and our flavored whiskey portfolio. We also have a unique folklore brand series that includes Snarly Yow™, Owl Head™, Wampus Cat™ and Old Fyre Dragaman™.

Our talented team works hard every day to perfect each spirit we create. Our commitment to quality shines through in the final product – smooth flavors that capture the essence of Appalachian Mountain country with every sip. Whether you're a fan of whiskey or looking for something more unique like our flavored line or folklore series, you're sure to find something you love at Two Trees Distilling!

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Origin of Two Trees Whiskey

Two Trees Whiskey was made in the Appalachian Mountains of North America, by the distillery Two Trees. Two Trees Distilling developed a proprietary process that replicates and accelerates the natural aging process of alcohol in wooden barrels. This process allows them to achieve physical changes in the liquid that would usually take years in just a single working day.

Who Produces Two Trees Whiskey?

Two Trees Whiskey is a premium whiskey crafted by The Two Trees Company, a leading producer of small-batch spirits. Their whiskey is made with the finest ingredients and aged in American oak barrels for a smooth and rich flavor. The whiskey is produced in small batches and bottled in Kentucky, whee their distilleries are located. All of the Two Trees whiskeys are distilled from grains grown in the Midwest United States, then carefully blended and aged to perfection. The whiskeys are made using traditional techniques such as charcoal filtering, double-barreling, and proofing to ensure an exquisite taste that stands out from other brands. The Two Trees Beverage Company takes great pride in creating quality whiskeys that embody their commitment to craftsmanship and passion for excellence.


Two Trees Distilling is a revolutionary force in the world of distilling, creating powerful and unique drinks that are the result of their proprietary process. The process allows them to replicate the effects of aging alcohol in wooden barrels in a much shorter period of time, giving them a competitive advantage over other distilleries. Their portfolio includes Tim Smith Spirits- Climax™ Spirits and Southern Reserve™, Two Trees™ Whiskey, Two Trees™ Vodka, Two Trees™ flavored whiskey portfolio, plus the Two Trees™ folklore brand series whch includes Snarly Yow™, Owl Head™, Wampus Cat™ and Old Fyre Dragaman™. With these impressive products and their state-of-the-art technology, Two Trees Distilling has become an influential player in the whiskey industry with its unique approach to distillation.

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