Who grows strata hops?

Answered by Michael Weatherspoon

When it comes to the cultivation of Strata , there is one name that stands out as the exclusive grower in Washington state – Roy Farms. They have been chosen to be the sole producer of this variety in the region, and they have been expanding their production to meet the increasing demand.

At Roy Farms, they take pride in their sustainable farming practices and commitment to growing the highest-quality hops. As an expert sommelier and brewer, I can assure you that the quality of the hops used in plays a crucial role in the final product's taste and aroma. Therefore, it is essential to source hops from reputable growers like Roy Farms.

I have personally had the opportunity to visit Roy Farms and witness their dedication to their craft. The farm is located in Moxee Valley, which is known for its ideal growing conditions for hops. The fertile soil, abundant sunshine, and access to from the Yakima River create the perfect environment for hop cultivation.

Roy Farms has a long history of hop farming, dating back to 1907. Over the years, they have gained expertise in growing various hop varieties, and their selection as the exclusive grower of Strata hops is a testament to their reputation in the industry.

To ensure the highest quality, Roy Farms employs sustainable farming practices. They prioritize soil health, water conservation, and the use of natural pest control methods. These practices not only contribute to the quality of their hops but also align with the increasing consumer demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Expanding production to meet the demand for Strata hops is no small feat. Roy Farms has been investing in the necessary infrastructure and resources to increase their hop acreage. This commitment to growth demonstrates their dedication to supplying brewers with the hops they need to create exceptional beers.

Roy Farms is the exclusive grower of Strata hops in Washington state. Their sustainable farming practices, commitment to quality, and dedication to meeting the increasing demand make them a trusted source for brewers. As a sommelier and brewer, I can confidently recommend Roy Farms as a reliable supplier of Strata hops for craft breweries.