Sour-Focused Artisanal Brewing at Urban Artifact in Cincinnati

Urban Artifact, a brewery located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is making waves in the scene with their unique focus on producing world-class Fruit Tarts made exclusively with real fruit. Founded by Paul Zippel and Mike Loveless, the brewery has quickly gained a reputation for their dedication to quality and innovation in the process.

The story of Urban Artifact begins with Zippel and Loveless, who started home brewing together back in 2013. However, their passion for fermentation and the art of brewing goes back even further. They were drawn to the science behind the process, known as zymurgy, and were constantly experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to create truly exceptional beers.

What sets Urban Artifact apart from other breweries is their commitment to using real fruit in their brewing process. While many breweries rely on artificial flavorings or extracts to achieve fruity flavors in their beers, Urban Artifact takes a different approach. They believe that using real, natural fruit not only produces a superior taste but also adds depth and complexity to their brews.

The team at Urban Artifact sources their fruit from local farms and orchards, ensuring that they are using the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible. From strawberries and blackberries to peaches and apricots, they utilize a wide variety of fruits to create an array of unique flavors. This commitment to using real fruit sets them apart from other breweries and has earned them a loyal following of fruit enthusiasts.

One of the brewery's standout offerings is their Fruit Tart series. These beers are known for their bold, tart flavors and vibrant fruit profiles. Each beer in the series showcases a specific fruit, allowing drinkers to experience the full spectrum of flavors that fruit can bring to a beer. From the juicy sweetness of ripe berries to the tangy acidity of citrus fruits, the Fruit Tart series offers a truly sensory experience.

In addition to their Fruit Tarts, Urban Artifact also produces a range of other beers, including IPAs, stouts, and sours. However, their commitment to using real fruit remains at the core of their brewing philosophy. Whether it's a hoppy infused with tropical fruit or a rich with notes of chocolate and cherry, Urban Artifact's beers never fail to deliver unique and memorable flavors.

Beyond their dedication to brewing exceptional beers, Urban Artifact is also deeply rooted in their community. They regularly host events and fundraisers to support local charities and organizations, and their taproom serves as a gathering place for beer enthusiasts and locals alike. Their commitment to both quality and community has made them a beloved fixture in the Cincinnati beer scene.

Urban Artifact is a Cincinnati brewery that stands out for their commitment to using real fruit in their brewing process. With their Fruit Tart series leading the way, they have garnered a reputation for producing world-class beers that are bursting with flavor. From their dedication to sourcing local fruit to their involvement in the community, Urban Artifact is a brewery that embodies the spirit of craft beer. So, next time you find yourself in Cincinnati, be sure to visit Urban Artifact and experience their exceptional brews for yourself.

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Who Owns Urban Artifact Brewery?

Urban Artifact Brewery is owned by Bret Kollmann Baker, who co-founded the brewery. Bret Kollmann Baker is a key figure in the brewing industry, particularly known for his expertise in sour beer production. Alongside his co-founder, Scott Hand, Bret has played a crucial role in establishing Urban Artifact as a prominent brewery in Cincinnati.

Here are some key points about Bret Kollmann Baker and Urban Artifact Brewery:

– Bret Kollmann Baker is a co-founder of Urban Artifact Brewery, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
– He is widely recognized for his expertise in brewing sour beers, which has contributed to the brewery's success and reputation.
– Urban Artifact Brewery is known for its focus on sour and wild ales, showcasing a wide variety of unique and creative flavors.
– The brewery has gained a loyal following and has received numerous accolades for its high-quality beers, including several medals at the Great American Beer Festival.
– Bret Kollmann Baker and his team at Urban Artifact are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of beer brewing and creating innovative and exciting sour beer offerings.
– As a co-owner, Bret is responsible for overseeing various aspects of the brewery's operations, including recipe development, production, and overall business strategy.
– Under his leadership, Urban Artifact has grown and expanded, becoming a well-respected and sought-after destination for beer enthusiasts both locally and nationally.

Bret Kollmann Baker is the co-owner of Urban Artifact Brewery and has played a pivotal role in establishing the brewery's reputation for producing exceptional sour beers.

Where Is Urban Artifact Made?

Urban Artifact is made in Cincinnati, Ohio. Located in the heart of the city, Urban Artifact is a brewery that is dedicated to producing high-quality Fruit Tarts. They take pride in using only real fruit to create their unique and flavorful beers. Cincinnati, Ohio is the home of Urban Artifact, and it is where their production takes place. With their focus on using real fruit in their brewing process, they have gained a reputation for creating world-class Fruit Tarts that are loved by beer enthusiasts.

Who Owns Artillery Brewing Company?

Artillery Brewing Company is owned by Paul Zippel and Mike Loveless. They are the co-founders and owners of the brewery.


Urban Artifact brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio is a true gem in the craft beer industry. With a strong dedication to producing world-class Fruit Tarts made exclusively with real fruit, they have established themselves as leaders in the sour beer category.

The brewery was founded by Bret Kollmann Baker, a true expert in the field, who along with his team, has created a unique and innovative brewing process. Their commitment to using only real fruit sets them apart from other breweries, ensuring that their beers have a natural and authentic flavor profile.

Urban Artifact's history dates back to 2013, when cofounders Paul Zippel and Mike Loveless began home brewing together. Their passion for the science of fermentation, known as zymurgy, has been the driving force behind the brewery's success.

One of the standout features of Urban Artifact is their dedication to quality. They take pride in their attention to detail, ensuring that every batch of beer is brewed to perfection. This commitment to excellence has earned them a loyal following of beer enthusiasts who appreciate their unique and flavorful offerings.

Additionally, the brewery's location in Cincinnati adds to its appeal. The city has a rich brewing history and is known for its vibrant craft beer scene. Urban Artifact has become a staple in the local community, attracting both residents and visitors alike.

Urban Artifact brewery is a shining example of what can be achieved when passion, expertise, and innovation come together. Their commitment to producing top-notch sour beers made with real fruit sets them apart from the competition. Whether you're a seasoned craft beer connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of sour beers, Urban Artifact is definitely worth a visit.

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