The Benefits of Egg Yolk Cocktails

Egg yolks have been used in for centuries, adding richness and texture to drinks. While some may be hesitant to use raw egg yolks, the benefits they bring to a cocktail are undeniable.

One of the main benefits of using egg yolks in cocktails is their ability to emulsify ingredients. When shaken with other liquids, the yolk helps to blend the ingredients together, creating a smooth and consistent texture. This is especially important in cocktails that include citrus juices, which can cause separation and an uneven texture without the addition of an emulsifier.

In addition to their emulsifying properties, egg yolks also add a unique flavor to cocktails. They have a rich, creamy taste that can enhance the overall profile of a drink. This is particularly true in cocktails that are designed to have a creamier texture, such as a flip or a sour.

One classic cocktail that uses egg yolks is the sour. Traditionally made with or whiskey, lemon , sugar, and a raw egg white, a whiskey sour with a yolk added has a richer and creamier texture that some prefer over the traditional recipe.

Another egg yolk cocktail is the amber moon, which includes Tabasco sauce, whiskey or , and a raw egg yolk. The yolk in this drink not only adds emulsifying properties, but also a unique flavor that complements the spicy Tabasco and strong liquor.

For those who are concerned abut using raw egg yolks in cocktails, there is a vegan substitute that some bartenders swear by: chickpea juice, also known as aquafaba. This liquid, which is the leftover from cooking chickpeas, has similar emulsifying properties to egg yolks and can be used in place of them in cocktails.

While it is important to note that there is a slight risk of consuming raw eggs, current food safety regulations require most chickens to be vaccinated against salmonella, making the risk minimal. However, it is always important to practice safe food handling and wash hands and equipment thoroughly before using raw eggs in cocktails.

While using egg yolks in cocktails may not be for everyone, the benefits they bring to a drink cannot be denied. From their emulsifying properties to their unique flavor, egg yolks can elevate a cocktail to new heights. So, next time you are behind the bar or enjoying a drink at home, consider adding an egg yolk to your cocktail for a delicious and unique twist.

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The Role of Egg Yolk in Cocktails

Egg yolks are an essential ingredient in cocktails that add a unique flavor and texture to the drink. When added to a cocktail, egg yolks help to emulsify the other ingredients, creating a smooth and creamy texture. The yolk also adds a rich and velvety mouthfeel to the drink, making it more enjoyable to sip. Additionally, egg yolks conain proteins that help to create a stable foam on the top of the cocktail, giving it a frothy and appealing appearance. The yolk also contributes to the overall flavor of the cocktail, imparting a subtle eggnog-like taste. egg yolks are an excellent addition to cocktails that add depth, texture, and flavor to the drink.

Including a Raw Egg in a Cocktail

The cocktail that includes a raw egg in its ingredients is called an Amber Moon. This cocktail typically consists of 3 fluid ounces (89 ml) of either whiskey or vodka, a raw egg, and Tabasco sauce to taste. It is commonly served in a highball glass and is considered a standard drink.

Alternative Ingredients to Egg White in Cocktails

If you're looking for a vegan substitute for egg whites in cocktails, chickpea juice, also known as aquafaba, is a great option. Aquafaba is the liquid found in canned chickpeas or the cooking water from boiled chickpeas. It has a similar texture and protein content to egg whites, making it an ideal replacement. Here are some benefits of usig aquafaba in cocktails:

– Aquafaba is vegan and gluten-free, making it a great option for people with dietary restrictions.
– It is odorless and tasteless, so it won't affect the flavor of your cocktail.
– Aquafaba creates a thick, foamy texture in cocktails, similar to egg whites.
– It's easy to use – just strain the liquid from a can of chickpeas and use it in place of egg whites in your recipe.

Some cocktails that work well with aquafaba include sours, fizzes, and flips. You can also use it in cocktails that call for egg white foam, such as a fizz or whiskey sour. Give it a try and see how it works for you!


The use of egg yolks in cocktails can add a unique flavor and texture to a drink, similar to eggnog. The yolk also helps to emulsify other ingredients, creating a smooth and creamy consistency. While some may have concerns abot the safety of consuming raw egg whites in cocktails, current food safety regulations require most chickens to be vaccinated against salmonella, making the risks extremely minimal. For those who prefer a vegan alternative, chickpea juice or aquafaba can be used as a substitute for egg whites in sours and fizzes. incorporating egg yolks into cocktails can add a delicious and innovative twist to classic recipes.

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